Town Mountain

Hard Drivin' Carolina String band

Raw, soulful, and with plenty of swagger, Town Mountain has earned raves for their hard-driving sound, their in-house songwriting and the honky-tonk edge that permeates their exhilarating live performances, whether in a packed club or at a sold-out festival. The hearty base of Town Mountain's music is the first and second generation of bluegrass spiced with country, old school rock ‘n’ roll, and boogie-woogie. 

Town Mountain's latest album New Freedom Blues (October 2018) is their second consecutive album to debut in the top 10 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, and receive multiple worthy mentions by Rolling StoneNo Depression, and more. Full of new material and featuring several guest artists including Tyler Childers and Miles Miller (Sturgill Simpson, drummer), they prove they have staying power by regularly cranking out authentic hit albums. The impression the band has made on fans is clear through their engagement, top tier festival appearances, and those sweet, sweet Spotify streams (5+ million). And if you still can’t get enough of this hard working group, you can look forward to new music in 2020.




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Call it an evolution or a revolution, but it’s clear that Town Mountain is at the forefront.
— Garret K. Woodward, Rolling Stone
The band has always walked a fine line between classic bluegrass and classic country, forging a path for their own brand of good-time roots music, whether ripping through some originals or covering Son Volt or the Grateful Dead.
— Bryant Liggett, The Alternate Root Magazine
While changing up your sound is always a risk, its one that has paid off for the band, knocking down the artificial walls of tradition that enclosed them and allowing them to go where the music takes them.
— Chris Griffy, Concert Hopper
The best bluegrass band to come along in quite some time…
— No Depression
(New Freedom Blues) is a really strong album made by impressive musicians and produced by Caleb Klauder. You don’t have to hear a lot of the album to know for certain that these guys are experts with their instruments.
— Americana Highways
Hats off to Town Mountain for finding that balance where they’ve retained the adept picking and harmonies that established them while stretching their sound to fold in new elements.
— Glide Magazine
(New Freedom Blues) is the bluesiest bluegrass you’ll likely to ever hear, with some jamgrass leanings... Damn, it’s good.
— No Depression
Town Mountain aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, they’re like a new set of the finest tires that gives you a new ride. there’s no fat, no gratuitous notes, no extra stuff, just amazing songs, singing and playing from one of the best bands out there…. or maybe they are the new wheel.
— Buddy Miller
...this Asheville group is the most exciting bluegrass band to come along in a long time. They play a nice blend of the traditional with a raw, challenging energy that’s good for whatever ails you.
— Amos Perrine, No Depression
Town Mountain is known as the purveyors of the swagger-induced, honky tonk side of bluegrass music. They keep their live shows fun and rocking.
— Derek Halsey, Mountain Times
Songs play like cinders of a campfire, red hot and smoking.
— Tom Netherland, Herald Courier
Town and furious and flawless.
— Leah Moore, The News & Observer
Southern Crescent is seductive, mixing outstanding playing with a range of vocal styles. Many of the vocals mine the high-lonesome vein of a band like the Osborne Brothers or The Gibson Brothers. But, there is an earthiness to the vocals, which convey heart, without invoking pathos.
— Fred Smith, Country Standard Time
‘Ain’t Gonna Worry Me’ has a Chris Stapleton and Steeldrivers soulful/gritty vibe to it, and damn it’s as good if not better. A short fuse of fiddles lights up ‘Comin’ Back To You,’ exploding it into the hillbilly side of the Sun, and Jerry Lee Lewis-style rock ‘n’ roll heaven.
— Tom Clark, Tahoe Onstage
Further listening reveals Southern Crescent, as a dissection of string music, a cross examination of the history of rural American music that has existed up and down the Eastern Seaboard and Appalachia, a mix of old time, country and early Cajun music all falling under the bluegrass umbrella of craft musicianship and raw lyrical emotion.
— Bryant Liggett, DGO Magazine, KDUR station manager
I didn’t really think that Boston was a bluegrass kind of town but damn if Town Mountain didn’t just prove me wrong. They passed through town a few weeks ago and filled the room with a joyful noise, not to mention a jubilant crowd.
— Mayer Danzig, Twangville
Asheville’s Town Mountain is one of the most entertaining bluegrass / string band groups working today and their Southern Crescent features the band at the top of their game. Their originals are true to the spirit of bluegrass. But at the same time they aren’t that wall-of-sound-loud-as-you-can-get bluegrass either. Their music keeps the vocals at the center and they know how to tell stories in song. It makes their sound more human, more real, more heartfelt than you get from a lot of other bands in the genre. Even if you think bluegrass isn’t for you, you owe it to yourself to give Town Mountain’s Southern Crescent a try.
— Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show

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