Kaia Kater Featured Artist on NPR's World Cafe Heavy Rotation

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If anything can truly capture the highs and lows of living in Appalachia, it's music. Artists like Gillian Welch and Rhiannon Giddens have proven this time and time again, and 22-year-old Kaia Kater is poised to do the same with her new album, Nine Pin. A Quebecer with the heart of an Appalachian, Kater grew up among old-time musicians and eventually moved to West Virginia to enrich her musical and cultural education. As she told West Virginia Public Broadcasting in a recent interview, "I wouldn't be the same artist, I wouldn't release the same music, if I hadn't spent these last four years [with Davis & Elkins College's Appalachian Ensemble]. Because I knew old-time music and I was good at playing tunes, but I don't think I understood the communities behind the music or the stories behind the music. And that takes time." Now equipped with both sentiment and song, Kater brings a new spirit to old roots in tunes like "Paradise Fell," showing the world that Appalachia can be just as wild as it is wonderful.

Joni Deutsch, WVPB's A Change Of Tune and Mountain Stage