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Friends and colleagues, Quicksilver Productions is compelled to share this challenging but encouraging news about Caleb Klauder's upcoming vocal chord polyp surgery. Please see Caleb's message below.  

Thanks for your amazing support to Caleb, the Country Band and to Foghorn Stringband. 

From all of us at Quicksilver Productions

Dear Friends,

On Monday, June 16th, I am heading into surgery under the graceful hands of Dr. James Thomas ENT.  I have been diagnosed with vocal chord polyps which I have developed from many years of hard and loud singing.  Polyps are a common occurrence in performers ranging from opera singers to actors to public speakers.  It seems the thing I love the most has brought me yet another big life challenge.  But, I'm alive and happy and positive and ready to face the situation straight on and to go through the paces to recover successfully.  

Surgery will take place in Portland at Emanuel Hospital lasting for approximately an hour and a half.  Recovery will consist of 10 to 14 days of 'silence' followed by three months of non performance singing.  Luckily I am in two bands that have great singers so I can continue to play guitar, fiddle and mandolin and contribute to the music until I am back up to singing strength.  

Already many of you know my situation and I have received tremendous support and love.  I sincerely thank you all for your support.  Truly it is my family and you all that keep me positive and moving forward.

 Thank you sincerely.  Sing-to-you-soon...

Caleb Klauder