American Songwriter: New Country Rehab Video Premiere




American Songwriter recently premiered New Country Rehab's latest "Official" video for their track, "Home to You." The video, directed by Keaton TF Evans, features two lovers dancing their way through the country side as the song latches onto the familiar feelings of homecoming and comfort. "Home to You" is the second single from New Country Rehab's sophomore album Ghost of Your Charms released on Kelp Records in 2013. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“‘Home To You’ weaves a tale all too familiar for most of us, says director Keaton TF Evans. “Anyone who has traveled has felt the blows of reality without a loved one near, a feeling that all the odds are stacked against you ever getting home. Yet, when you finally make it home, it’s as if you’ve never left. Finding your home is a universally comforting feeling. The characters in this story are the physical embodiment of the search one must undertake to know where your heart lays. Read More...