Lonesome Road Review: Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

A mighty fine write-up from Donald Teplyske of Lonesome Road Review. In the article below Teplyske reviews On the Edge by Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, awarding it a four out of five stars. Here's some of what Teplyske had to say: 

Solivan, a well-respected chef and mandolinist based in the D.C. area, returns with an album on Compass Records. With banjoist Mike Munford the sole holdover from the last album, Solivan and co-producer Brett Truitt maintain the band’s core musical philosophy: staying true to the music’s heart and soul while injecting a contemporary swagger born of diverse influence. On The Edge doesn’t let up, not even when it slows down. A good example of this is the album’s first two songs. While “I Fell Short” is a spirited and ferocious kick-off, “Gone” takes a step or two back from the edge, allowing its intensity to smoulder; it is within this type of song that Solivan shines as a vocalist.

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