Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen at Beartrap Summer Festival

Thanks to our friend Nick for this video and brief review!
"When Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen took the stage at Beartrap Summer Festival, nobody quite knew what they were in for. When Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen left the stage, nobody was quite sure what they just saw. All anyone knew was that their minds just got blown. These guys came on stage without much fanfare, but left with about1,000 more fans. They are the definition of a show-stealing band. With their melodies, harmonies, and incredible fiddle playing, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen came to Beartrap, saw Beartrap, and truly conquered Beartrap.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen stole the show at Beartrap. This four-man group tore the house down with their music. My favorite songs are the ones that come from stories. This band told a story with every song they sang. Here is just one of those stories that they performed at Beartrap Summer Festival 2012." 
- Nick Perkins, see more of Nick's review of the festival here.
Watch a live performance of "The Wild Unknown" and glimpse some photos from the festival here.