Review of Black Prairie's Feast of the Harvest Moon

Check out this great review of Black Prairie's Feast of the Harvest Moon.  Black Prairie features Jackstraw's Jon Neufeld on guitar along with more friends of Quicksilver's Cavalcade.  Fiddler Annalisa Tornfelt learned her first guitar chords from Frank Solivan.  And Decemberists members Jenny Conlee- Drozos Nate Query were part of Caleb Klauder's 90s jam band Calobo.  Small sweet world indeed.  If you haven't seen Black Prairie yet, be sure to check them out when they are in your town.  We saw a kick ass show at the IOTA a couple of weeks ago.  And I'm wishing for more , especially featuring Annalisa and Jon on some duets, in the vain of Emmy Lou and Gram.  What a Feast!