Sweet Jams & Savory Grass

With chops so hot, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen were named IBMA’s 2016 Instrumental Group of the Year for the second time, with a third nomination in 2017. Their critically acclaimed album Cold Spell earned a 2015 GRAMMY nomination for Best Bluegrass Album of the Year, yet the accolades don’t end there.

Solivan, with banjoist Mike Munford, 2013 IBMA Banjo Player of the Year, award-winning guitarist Chris Luquette and bassist Jeremy Middleton, simmer a progressive bluegrass stew of infinite instrumental, vocal and songwriting skills featured once again on their new album If You Can't Stand the Heat, released January 25th, 2019.

Since leaving the cold climes of Alaska for the bluegrass hotbed of Washington, D.C., Frank Solivan has built a reputation as a monster mandolinist — and become a major festival attraction with his band, Dirty Kitchen. Their respect and deep understanding of the tradition collides, live on stage, with jazz virtuosity creating an unforgettable, compelling performance.







The Scuttlebutt

I find a compelling honesty to their music and delivery. And they can kill! After cranking the energy up to 10 for most of the set, they laid into the Mike Munford showpiece, Line Drive, and brought it up to 11. After all that, they brought it up to 12 (maybe 13).
— Jake Schepps, Bluegrass Today
They’re the kind of stellar musicians who get crowds on their feet while demonstrating to all the world’s wannabe bluegrass pickers how the true masters get it done.
— Bluegrass Unlimited
They killed and are so pro from top to bottom!! Glad they were there this year!
— Woody Platt, Mountain Song Festival
I’ll...eagerly wait for Frank Solivan’s new CD later this year. The taste I had at Saturday’s show left me wanting more...Here’s what I’d suggest. Listen, when it’s out, to Mike Munford’s fantastic instrumental, Crack of Noon. To me, it’s proof that Solivan, Munford, Chris Luquette and Jeremy Middleton are the best instrumental unit in bluegrass these days.
— David Morris, Bluegrass Today
The band packs dazzling solos into dizzyingly small spaces, funneling bluegrass’s love of dexterity into pop’s love of brevity.
— Grayson Haver Currin, Indy Week
On the aptly-titled Family, Friends & Heroes mandolinist Frank Solivan shows why one of the rising stars in bluegrass circles deserves a higher profile in the wider world of Americana.
— Don McLeese, No Depression
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen are what bluegrass music needs these days. They are master musicians who fully understand the history and tradition but aren’t afraid to explore new sounds and concepts.
— Brian Paul Swenk, Bluegrass Today
If Tim O’Brien and Alison Brown ever had a love child, it might just be Frank Solivan. This newgrass/bluegrass foursome spirals through skin-tight banjo picking, razor-sharp mandolin and jazz-tinged concentric circles – all with a degree of control that balances technical precision and improvisational virtuosity.
— Siobhan Long, Irish Times
Imagine yourself on a grassy bank, or in a camp chair, settling in on a steamy summer day, with a group of friends playing bluegrass music. Frank Solivan’s Family, Friends & Heroes transports the listener to that place.
— Fred Smith, Country Standard Time
Shaken and stirred, Solivan’s gang of grassers amount to a not-so-secret recipe that’s full of home and heart.
— Tom Netherland, Herald Courier
Perhaps the most difficult thing to do in the music business is actually record the joie de vivre of a spectacular live performance. On his latest album, Family, Friends & Heroes, Frank Solivan has managed to capture that lightning in a bottle. It’s only March, but it’s hard to believe I’ll hear a better bluegrass album this year.
— Shawn Underwood, Twangville
Rare is an album title as literal as the new project from Frank Solivan. But as Solivan constructed his own dream bluegrass record, it was his own family, friends and heroes whom he invited to join him in the studio. The result is a disc that bursts with emotion and instrumental interplay, and captures the live interplay of musical comrades exploring new and favorite tunes.
— Erik Ernst, Tap Milwaukee
Frank Solivan just keeps getting better, as a songwriter, arranger, singer and, not the least, instrumentalist. But don’t take my word for it. Check out his new project for Compass Records, Family, Friends & Heroes.
— David Morris, Bluegrass Today
Family Friends & Heroes is a triumph on so many levels and it is a reminder of the unbridled power of music when talent meets emotional honesty.
— Rob Dickens, No Depression
Family made Frank’s passion for and career in music possible. Friends have come easily as he’s taken his open-hearted way with bluegrass on the road, and heroes have guided his journey and, in many cases, have become like family. Family, Friends & Heroes is a toast to things that matter in life and a testimony to how good music can feel when talent is fused with soul and sincerity.
— Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots