If you don’t believe in reincarnation, try listening to Caleb Klauder’s music. There’s little other explanation for why a small island Washingtonian can write, play, and sing music that sounds like it should be rolling out of a Great Depression honky-tonk. Born from the heart of Portland, Oregon’s red-hot music scene, and recently featured on A Prairie Home Companion, Caleb Klauder’s music continues to challenge and transform how we think about roots music in America.

Unbowed by a diagnosis of vocal chord polyps early last summer, Caleb Klauder is back stronger than ever with his EP, Just A Little, and a post-surgery voice that doesn't miss a beat. With a knack for making old-school American roots music sound new again, the world celebrates the resurrection of one of the most distinct voices in traditional country music.


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Listening to Caleb Klauder’s latest recording is like entering some eternal country-swing tavern in the sky.
— Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times
Sometimes the best musicians, and the best people you will ever meet in music, are not the ones that stand at stage center, but the ones who spend the majority of the time standing to the right or left... with a selfless attitude, a willingness to do whatever it takes to make good music great...
— Saving Country Music
I highly recommend hitting a Caleb Klauder Band concert to anyone in need of a pick-me-up with plenty of country-style panache.
— AJ Dent, The Nectar Lounge
I just can’t get over how well he channels the spirit of some of the early country acts, while still making his songs relevant to our times.
— Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show
Caleb Klauder is one of my favorite mandolin players. He just stands straight and delivers true tone and time. There’s no pushing or trying to prove anything, but the groove lifts you every time. Caleb’s singing and song writing come from that same casually essential place. Call it “old time stream lined”. It’ll get you down the road.
— Tim O'Brien